Taste the difference

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If you came on vacation but want to try something different, you want to visit cultural monuments, squares and a good restaurant where you will enjoy food that is not ordinary restaurant food. Our suggestion is to visit The Taste restaurant.
Located next to the church of St. Šime, on St. Šime Square, it will provide you with the pleasure you were looking for. The rest will be taken care of by our staff and, above all, by a top chef who knows how to prepare exquisite cuisine.

In the shadow of the large Gothic church, but still bathed in the morning sun and overlooking the city square, far from the noise of city traffic, it will give you a special enjoyment for breakfast.

Your relaxing lunch in the shade of the surrounding buildings will be further enriched by the view of the front of the church.

Evening unwinding is a special delight. Far from the noise of the tourist commotion and yet in the very center of the Old Town Zadar, The Taste restaurant provides you with a special gastronomic pleasure complemented by the flavors of top local wines.